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Time Left Until Launching
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About Us.

Now it is the time to amaze your customers with visionary and creative designs, totally innovative and uniquely remarkable – designs that will characterize your products and/or services unrivaled, and gives you the short-cuts for a rapid success.

Our Origin.

Green Point is the outcome of a creative idea, of innovation and determination to provide integrated, innovative, professional work.

Our Prospects.

We aspire for an infomedia compatible with and promotive of a world-class artistic sense that induces creative and visionary ideas.

Our philosophy.

Green Point has come to signify the green colour vibrant with life and inspiration which has given us an emblem that is suggestive of a future full of growth, innovativeness, renewal, and optimism. This brought forth the idea that attending to the details will induce original work, and so this green point has come into being to indicate the least detail for a four-cornered image in which the elaborateness of the point is there to signify us – the Green Point for a Verdant Life.

Our customers.

As we believe that our success will hinge on our customers, we will work to provide the best that we have and proffer our customers with more than they expect.


Guraiger, Al Arin, Abha

Phone Number.

Mobile: (966) 561 482228



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